Sunday, February 24, 2013


In a previous post I wrote how me having sex with other people enriches my life and our relationship. Being at the other side of the equation, however, has proven quite difficult for me. I felt hurt, confused and very disappointed in myself.

Including other people

Until recently, including other people in our relationship meant that a man (or a woman) and Mr Reg would play or have sex with me. In some cases Mr Reg was present, in other cases I would be alone and share my experience with him afterwards.


Moving the scale

In looking for other people to play with, we met a couple online that was looking for other couples or a single female slave. One of the questions the Dominant asked me, was how I would feel if my Master would fuck his slave. I answered him that I had never experienced that but that the thought scared the hell out of me. We never made it past the emailing stage with this couple, but it got me thinking. A lot. A seed was planted. How would I feel if Mr Reg would fuck someone else? He lets me do that. He wants me to do that. He tells me to do that. Maybe I would like it as much as he likes watching me with somebody else? Why did it scare me? Was I afraid the other woman would be better than me? A nicer person? More beautiful? More skilled in bed? Easier to get along with? Younger than me? I am in a more vulnerable position than he is because of our power dynamic: Mr Reg can say at anytime that he wants me to stop doing something and I will. Whereas all I can do is tell him that it doesn't feel right and then I have to wait and see how he reacts to that. He has the power to ignore that. And I would accept that. Of course we talked a lot about this. And he isn't in the habit of ignoring my feelings at all. He takes my feelings very seriously. I told Mr Reg that apart from feeling scared or threatened I was also intrigued and curious.


Watching him play

After a while we met another couple. This time we did move matters further. When the four of us met for play, Mr Reg tied up both me and the other submissive and used his whip and other implements on her. He touched her sexually. I am not a sadist and do not enjoy to see or hear others in pain, but seeing pain being inflicted by Mr Reg is different. I really enjoyed watching him in action and liked talking with her afterwards about him and what he does and why. To see him through her eyes, see her admiration and notice the things I have gotten used to. And I love seeing the expression on my husbands face when he is enjoying himself. I was very proud to be his slave. 


Watching him come

The next time we met with them the nature of the play changed. Not only did Mr Reg make her come (and her Dom made me come), they both used her to come themselves. They fucked her together and made her suck their cock. They did not use me for that. I felt rejected. Not ignored, mind you. I had received plenty of attention during the evening. But I felt useless. I felt hurt. I felt like something was stolen from me. And I was really disappointed with myself. How could I feel like that after all the attention I had all the other times with other people? I felt selfish. They are very nice and they really wanted to experience something like this. I felt childish. Thinking about it made me feel insecure. I thought I was over all this. Why did all these feelings of insecurity come back, just because of a sexual act? Because of an evening that was really nice, an evening with a great couple that I really like? At the same time, I enjoyed the experience. Mr Reg enjoying another woman makes him very desirable to me. It made me want him very very badly. And being rejected puts me at my place. Which is something I really need. If I am not put at my place every once and a while, I become arrogant and complacent. Being rejected also makes me vulnerable and completely at his mercy.  Which is the best feeling in the world, strange as that may sound.


Something dawned on me

The weeks following our date I talked to several friends about this. Some reacted to my hurt part and were sympathetic and considerate. Others laughed at me for being selfish or childish. I think their reaction was a good reflection of my own feelings, but it did not really help me in understanding my overly strong reaction. And I am still not sure why I felt so hurt. Although over the last couple of days I have come to realize two things: I am really into pleasing people. Sexually pleasing controlling or dominant people. Being pleased myself usually comes second and mainly as something I like because the other person wants me to be pleased. Hence my strong reaction to them using only her, and not me. The other realization is much scarier, it scares me to death: Mr Reg could meet someone he likes better. Or he could grow tired of me. And then leave. Of course, this was always true. Regardless of what we did that evening. That is not the scary part. The scary part is that I got a tiny, little preview of how I would feel if that would ever happen. I would be devastated. And completely lost.


I don't know what happens next. I would like to explore these feelings further. I don't want us to stop playing with other couples. Besides, I want to do whatever Mr Reg wants to do. I don't want him to change his ways on my account. I want to grow and not be insecure. I want to be happy for him because he can have new experiences, just like he lets me have them. I want to know what he likes in others to learn more about him. But most of all I want to be with him for as long as I can. And enjoy each other and the world around us. Including other people. Both of us (...I think).

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  1. What a refreshing and honest account. You are not alone, I have felt very similar feelings in similar situations. It is very scary and insecurity is a part of every submissive's life I think. Thank you for writing so well such an interesting piece.

    Ginger x