Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thirty days of kink - day 4

Day 4: Any early experiences that, in retrospect, hint at your kinks?

This is a difficult question for me. Not because I don't have any early experiences that hint at my kinks. There are plenty. But because I am not sure what the point of sharing them is supposed to be. Which makes it difficult to pick any. Let me give it a try anyway.


 An early experience

There is one vivid memory that comes to mind when people ask me about this. I must have been around 8 or 9. We lived in an area with a lot of young families where the children played outside in the neighborhood all the time. The group we hung out with varied in age from 3-12 years. We played soccer, hide and seek, built stuff from wood and old bikes, created bows and arrows to play 'cowboys and Indians' etc. The older boys were usually 'in charge' and decided what we would do. That day we played a game where we made plastic tubes with paper arrows. The arrows could be shot at someone or something by blowing in the tube. We were split in two groups and the older boys had captured us. We were told to stand against the wall. They would shoot an arrow at one of us and that would set that person free. In hindsight this games sounds not that innocent and rather malicious. At the time we did not like it too much either. It was bordering on bullying obviously. But that's beside the point. What I remember is the excitement I felt. Not sexual excitement but the thrill of the uncertainty of what would happen, the power of the older boys, the situation. I felt vulnerable, subdued and excited at the same time. Of course nothing bad happened, they shot some paper arrows and let us go and everybody forgot about it. Except me... and maybe some of them?



To me this memory hints at some of my current kinks: being controlled, pain and being restrained.  The relevance of this particular experience is small in my opinion. Except to illustrate the fact that it started early as part of me, not as a result of a trauma. My kinky side is a natural variation of main-stream sexuality and something that is engrained in my personality. Obviously other people do experience some type of trauma that causes them to develop kinks or other coping mechanisms. But honestly, I am not that interested in why somebody is kinky. I am interested in what way somebody experiences it and if and how people integrate it in their daily routine. But now this question is out of the way and I can move on to more relevant topics :)


  1. That is a great thing to focus on: not the 'why' but the 'what way' and 'how'.

    I look forward to reading your 'more relevant topics' ;)

    Rebel xox

  2. The games you played in your youth are also the kind of games we played (and I think a lot of us have played these kind of games). It's just part of the games that children play, seeing adults doing things and copying the behaviour of the adults.
    I agree with you that it is not so interesting why we are kinky, I am kinky in my own way and I don't have a problem with it (the question "in retrospect" gives me the feeling that you have to be able to explain your kinks...and that you have to feel a little guiltly about that).