Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thirty days of kink - day 5

Day 5. What was your first kinky sexual experience?

I honestly don't know... I do know that my first kinky sexual experience was with my boyfriend in college. We were in a very intense relationship for about two years. He was not my first boyfriend. But it was the first time I really liked sex. I couldn't get enough.

Biting, tying my wrists to the bed, hitting me with his belt, threatening to cut me with a knife (mindfuck?), telling me to bend over and fuck me. Opening his zipper and telling me to suck his cock. Taking me to a bar (in a short skirt) to hit on other men. Telling me to undress and wait in the bed on my back with my legs open wide until he would come in and fuck me, fully dressed himself. Fucking me with a candle. Not being allowed to touch him sexually, unless he told me so. Telling me to shave my pussy, to wear sexy cloths. Denying me sex. Fucking me three, four times a day whenever he felt like it.

The first experience with him was either the biting or the belt. When we met the first time both of us were drunk. In fact, we were drunk most of the time when we had kinky sex. It was definitely not safe what we were doing. He was unhappy and insecure, I was unhappy and insecure. We did like each other a lot. I had never felt so close to anybody. Because of the sex and the way he was using me. Because we both felt different from other people. Because we understood each other. At the same time our relationship was very unhealthy. It became more violent and destructive over time. He cheated on me, I cheated on him. And told him all about it. He hit me in a bar once and he almost got beaten by some bystanders who were very angry with him for hitting me. I humiliated myself by calling him when he was with another girl. Or I would look for him in bars and if I found him confront him. And then leave with somebody I did not know. Just to get back at him. I missed days at my job. Lost my purse being drunk. Lost my contact lenses in the beds of strangers. We acted out in public. We were out of control. He would leave and the moment I decided I had enough, he would be back. And I caved and we would continue where we left of.

After some time I found the strength to end it. Really end it. Thinking back is a bit difficult. A lot of what happened and that I am writing here I had put away forever. I forgot about it. The same with kinky sex. In my mind kinky sex was tied to a very unhealthy relationship. So when I ended the relationship with my boyfriend, I buried my kinky self with it. For over 12 years as I wrote in my first post. Five years ago I exhumed it. This time in a healthy relationship. Where I am safe both physically and psychologically. Where we communicate. Where there is no alcohol to escalate things. And the kinky sex is even better than the first time. Something I did not believe was possible exists after all: a safe and exciting kinky relationship. I hope he found the same. Because he will always be very special to me despite or maybe because of all the misery we went through.

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  1. WOW, thanks for giving me some insight into your previous relationship. You are in a much better place now than where you were, but I totally get that he will always be special to you.

    Rebel xox