Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BDSM: What Bondage means to me

In my first post I described my kinky self. It has a lot to do with BDSM as you can also read in my list of kinks. Bondage is a big part of my relationship with Mr Reg. This is surprising, because I never fantasized much about bondage in the past. I liked the thought of being handcuffed, or tied to a chair.  But I never looked at pictures of bound women nor did I think about different types of ropes or different styles of bondage. To me it was about being constrained and controlled. Not about the bondage process.

This changed about two years ago when we joined a group of people who wanted to practice bondage on a regular basis.  We started to look at videos of the Two Knotty Boys and Twisted Monk. After a while we got some new people in the group with more experience. We started to practice patterns that can be used in suspension, talked about the risks, anatomy of the human body and names of knots (Munter hitch, x-knot and other jargon I can't remember). We see each other every other week and talk about our relationship, about BDSM, about life, work and of course: rope ;)

Bondage now has become very important to the both of us. It's a moment where we literally bond. Mr Reg is focused on the knots and my body, and I can feel his energy and his satisfaction when something works out the way he envisioned it. He likes talking to the other people about the technical aspects of bondage, the type of rope, the knots, the aesthetic of doing something in a certain way. I focus on him, feel his hands on my body, feel the constraints of the ropes. It feels very comforting to be tied up and at his mercy. It makes me proud to see how skilled he is. I love being in this safe environment of friends who respect and trust each other.

Suspension is a different feeling: I am afraid to be in off the ground. It is the ultimate submission to him: I am at his mercy and my physical well being is completely depending on his skill.

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