Sunday, September 15, 2013

Perks of an hotel room

Some hotels have really nice features, like this one: a divider between the bath and the bed ...

Rigger and photographer: Mr Reg

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Toy mark

We were away for the weekend and MrReg brought some of his toys. This one he considers more a tease than really an implement to administer pain.

I think I respectfully disagree...

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pondering hoods - Kink Of The Week

I distinctly remember the first time I saw someone wearing a hood. It was a beautiful slave, at a party. Her master had her on a leash and she was wearing very high heels. The hood was made of leather and covered her head completely. She could not see anything. She completely depended on him for guidance. She was very calm and he was very nonchalant, walking around with her casually. Tying her to a post sometimes, showing her off. All I could think was: "I want a hood like that".

The next time I saw hoods was when I was in California. A good friend took me and his slave to some stores. One of them had the biggest collection of hoods I had ever seen. We were shopping for a kinky dress and I was too shy to tell them I wanted to try one of the hoods. So I admired them secretly. They looked great. Leather hoods, latex hoods, gas masks, hoods with openings, hoods without openings. Just looking at them made my knees weak.

A hood shows form. It is round and smooth. To me it shows perfection. I love looking at people wearing hoods. I can't keep my eyes off them. You know there is a person inside. But that doesn't matter. All that matters is the perfect form and the complete surrender of that person to his or her Master. Giving up their personality, being anonymous. I want to touch the leather. Or the latex. Or whatever fabric it is made from.

I love hoods. As I wrote earlier in the post that lists my kinks, I love wearing hoods, even more than I like watching people wear them. It makes me surrender completely. I don't have to watch out for what comes next. I can hear everything much clearer, but more distant at the same time. When I wear a hood, I know all my imperfections are hidden. All I have become is a body. It calms me. Lately I have come to a realization though. I tend to withdraw when I surrender. When I am wearing a hood, I can concentrate on the other person for a while. But soon it becomes harder and harder. I register sensations, but nothing else. I can't interact anymore. I can't talk coherently. I can't think. I just am. It feels great. I am in subspace. It feels like I am in heaven. But it is really difficult to serve someone well when I am in that state. I can't focus on him. I can hear, but not really understand. I can obey, but not concentrate. He can use my body, but not count on my mind. Which makes me wonder. Why do dominants like their subs and slaves in a hood?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kink related song - 30 days of kink

Day 9. Post a kink related song or music video you enjoy.

I enjoy different type of songs. Sometimes I hear something kinky in the lyrics. Sometimes the music brings me to a submissive place. Sometimes a voice can take me to a dark place. Sometimes the combination brings back memories. 

One day at bondage night, our host played a song for us by Rammstein. It is a German band. The lyrics are posted here, with their English translation. It really is the only kink related song that is perceived as such by everyone.

What I like about this song is its directness and the rawness. I like lots of different types of music, from David Bowie to Eminem. From Roxy Music to Korn.  What I like depends on my mood, the venue, the company I am in, the occasion. Most songs I associate with kink because I heard it at a play party. Or because I am kinky and I interpret the text that way. With the exception of this song. Sometimes I enjoy it. Sometimes it annoys me. Sometimes I laugh at it. But it is always a kink related song, no matter how I look at it or how I feel. And other people think so too, as the text on youtube states:

" Ich tu dir Weh" (I hurt you) is the second single from the 2009 album Liebe ist für alle da by the German band Rammstein. Mainly because of the sado-masochistic content of this song, the album was placed on the "index" maintained by the German Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien. In May 2010, the original uncensored album and the single were unindexed and consequently released in Germany."

I am happy I got this day out of the way and can return to more interesting parts of the series....


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kinky image - 30 days of kink

Day 8: Post a kinky image you find erotic

This is my first Sinful Sunday post and at the same time day 8 of thirty days of kink. Whenever I surf for porn, I look for images or videos that show women being used by more than one man. I was in a gang bang once. It was perfect: Mr Reg orchestrated the whole event and I was used by 5 men. It is something that I love to watch on and would love to experience more often ....

my first gang bang

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I need a different mindset

I need a different mindset. A lot of what I write here is about me. That has several reasons:  I can't presume to know what the people I interact with think, feel or want. And I don't want to invade their privacy by describing here what they do and what they think, say or feel. But it is also because I am very busy thinking about myself.
When I displease one of my Masters (My state changed recently, MrReg has decided to share me with someone, but that is the topic of another blog. Maybe), I am upset because he is upset with me. Or angry with me. Or annoyed with me. Or displeased with me. Not because I displeased him. Or upset him. Or made him angry with me. Or because I annoyed him.



Today I was running. When I run I think a lot. About work. About my relationships. What is said to me. What it means. The other day I was told I was being selfish. I realized that after not talking to him all day, I was thinking about him. Not about how I felt about him, but how he might be feeling and I was genuinely upset because I disappointed him in a time like this. Not because I disappointed him, but because he was disappointed and displeased. The fact that I was the person who did that makes it worse, because I am supposed to be dedicated to him. To serve him. And to want to please him. Not please him because it makes me feel good. But please him because it makes him feel good.

I need a different mindset. And I am working on it.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

I love canes

Kink of the week: Canes

The first time Mr Reg took me to play somewhere outside our home, I was spanked thoroughly. His friend put me over his knee and worked my ass for a long time. My buttocks were glowing and warm. I was excited. I had submitted completely. Next, he tied me to a vault. My arms and feet against the legs. I could not move and was blind folded.
My first caning
The pain from the first blow startled me. I felt a rush of adrenaline flow through my veins. Then the sting followed, right after impact. That was pure pleasure. I don't remember how many hits I received. They were aimed at my ass and my legs. After a while I was told I would receive three more. I felt relieved and disappointed at the same time.


 Where it hits me

I love the feeling of the cane on my ass and legs. However, I really don't like feeling it on my outer thighs. For some reason it doesn't sting there, it feels damaging. The feeling I get the second after the cane hits my flesh is one of destruction, not pleasure. It hurts in a bad way. Obviously my inner thighs are even more sensitive, but being hit there has an erotic aspect to it. The worst thing is being hit on my feet. I run as a way to workout and to clear my mind. Being hit on my feet feels crippling. Even if done lightly.

I hate thick canes

Mr Reg bought a cane soon after my first caning. And then he started buying more. Thicker canes, fiber glass canes, rubber canes etc. I don't really like thick canes. The feeling when I get hit is more thuddy, not stingy. It feels like I might break. One day we had another date with our friend. When we came to his hotel room, he showed us the thick cane he brought with him. It really scared me. He hit me with it, and it was really difficult to handle the blows. Only after hitting me with something else putting me in a light form of sub space, I was able to handle the hits. Thinking about that one makes my heart beat faster and I become excited just thinking about how afraid I was of it. I love being scared like that...

The really thick one left some marks

Why I love canes

I love canes. I love the stingy feeling right after impact. I love being close to the person that handles the cane. Unlike whips and other implements, canes require the other person to be close. And because of the shape and form the person using the cane can really control how it will hit me: how fast it hits me, how hard it hits me, where it hits me. I love the swooshing sound it makes and the sound of the impact. It is a symbol of punishment. That excites me. Even though I have never been punished with it. I think I like the feeling too much for that ;) And last but not least I love the marks that it leaves. The two red stripes with white in the middle make me smile for weeks after being beaten with it. I love canes :)

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

My ambivalence towards marks

Kink of the week: Marks

The first time I was caned I was appalled by the bruising it caused. After a while they faded (but not before turning yellow and purple and all the other ugly colors) and what remained were the cane marks. I loved those! They looked very different compared to the bruises: neatly aligned in a row, on my ass and legs. All the same color: two red stripes with a little white line in the middle.

This basically has not changed. I don't like bruising but love marks from a cane or sharp things. They remind me of the event, the person who caused them, the feeling it gave me and it somehow serves as a measure of the pain I endured.

Marks just after the fact

Hiding at home

One problem with marks is the kids. We are pretty open in our house. The bathroom door is almost never locked. When I shower, the kids walk in all the time. To brush their teeth, ask a question etc. When I am bruised, I need to make sure they don't see it. I walk around in a bath robe, need to get up early to make sure I shower before they wake up, and make sure my clothes cover my bruises.

Dating and going out

I date other people apart from MrReg, as I described here. Obviously all people are different, so some people I date are not into pain and don't like marks. A couple of months ago I planned a play date. Usually I end up with plenty of marks. Mostly on my ass and my legs. The timing was bad though; a couple of days later I was supposed to go on a date with a friend who does not like marks. There would be no way I could hide them so I asked MrReg to go easy on me and not to mark me. Thankfully he agreed and I could go on my date unmarked. A similar situation ended differently: right after a play date that would leave me marked we would go to the sauna. I expressed my doubts to MrReg but he did not think it was a big deal. This time I would have to go out with the marks. In the sauna I wore a towel around my waste most of the time, to hide my bruises. According to a friend, it looked like I had been in an accident. I was very self conscious, because my legs were so bruised. Not neatly marked, but black and blue. Under normal circumstances I like being in the sauna; looking at people, being looked at by people. This time I enjoyed the company, but not so much the sauna experience of being naked.

Showing off

I don't like bruises. I don't like looking at bruises. But, if I see a sub or slave with marks and bruises, I envy them. I wonder about what caused it. What the occasion was. How they interacted together. And I like to show off my own marks. To other subs and slaves. As a trophy. To sadists. As a token of my masochism.


As I said, my feelings about marks are ambivalent. I was not going to write for this weeks kink of the week, because marks are not a kink for me. However, the other day a friend made a remark that got me thinking. He said he would like to see me marked. As an aberration. Which made me realize something: it is not about what caused the marks, it is about what is marked. It is about my body being altered. Temporarily of course. But still. Maybe that is really why I have conflicting thoughts about marks. It has something to do with the ambivalence I feel towards myself and my body.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What I remember

Memories have always fascinated me.  

Missing memories

When I was little girl I suffered from a concussion. I was on my way to school in winter, and was sliding on little hills and playing around. At a certain point I fell and hit my head on the frozen ground. My sister walked me to school and the janitor brought me home in his car. My mom called the doctor. I don't have any recollection of this at all. But I have vivid images in my head when I write this down. Like memories. Even though I know they aren't. They feel like real memories.

Same event, different memories

When I was an adolescent, my parents divorced. My mom, my dad, my sisters, my brother, me, everyone has different memories of it, even about the order of events.  Similarly, After Mr Reg and me visit friends or a new place, he will talk about things he saw there. I remember conversations I had, things people have said to each other and the presence of certain people. We know we were at the same place at the same time, but we remember different things and remember the same things differently.

Reappearing memories

I wrote about my first kinky sexual experiences in a previous post. The thing that doesn't seize to amaze me is that the memories of my kinky sex life disappeared completely. Mr Reg and me started in a vanilla relation, and I slowly forgot the kinky things my former boyfriend used to do. Not deliberately, but somehow it happened anyway. When Mr Reg and me started to be kinky in the bed room, it did not come back to me. Only after meeting someone else, who asked me about my fantasies and previous experiences, these memories came back to me. Not all at once, but slowly. And I realized I had more experience than I knew. It felt like I reinvented myself, but a healthier happier version than before.

New memories

I have a very active mind. However, I am very bad at remembering names, or even faces. I am not a visually oriented person. If you take me to a city, I won't remember 90% of the places we visit. Not that I don't enjoy it, I just don't remember. But I do remember parts of the conversation we have during that trip. And the feeling it gave me being with you. If we have sex, I might forget what your body looks like exactly. But I will remember what you whispered in my ear. And how it felt to be with you. What we talked about. When I think of you, I think of your presence, your energy. I think of the things you have said to me. I think of what you feel like. And then, but only then... I might think of what you look like.

Obviously, I like to look at gorgeous bodies just as much as the next girl. But what I remember, that is a completely different story and very personal..... memories have always fascinated me.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Am I promiscuous? You tell me!


  1. having many transient sexual relationships
  2. demonstrating an unselective approach; indiscriminate or casual
Am I promiscuous? Let's see...

No I am not

I used to be, before I met Mr Reg. I wrote about that in a previous post. I am not promiscuous anymore: I don't have many transient sexual relationships. I do have more than one sexual partner, but in general they are not transient, they last over a period of time. And I don't have many, just a couple. And I most certainly don't demonstrate an unselective approach.  I don't want to have sex with just anybody. There needs to be something that attracts me. There are things I like, and things I don't like. These things can be physical, mental, psychological or behavioral. And I prefer situations where there is a click and we meet more often than just once.

Yes I am

If you look at it from another perspective, I am very promiscuous. Compared to most married women, I have many sexual relationships. Because the norm in our society is one. And these relationships can be considered transient if you compare it to a 15+ years marriage. You might say they are casual: I don't expect anything in return: I am not looking for something specific, or a commitment. I don't have an intense relationship with my other sexual partners, compared to the relationship I have with my husband. And in some situations I am indiscriminate: if Mr Reg wants me to have sex with someone, I have sex with that person. No questions asked. And in my (one time) experience with a gangbang, I demonstrated extremely unselective and casual behavior: I was not very interested in the people that were participating (fucking me). I simply enjoyed the experience and the feeling of being used.

You tell me

I have been married for 17 years now.  Our marriage has evolved from a vanilla relationship to a M/s relationship. I don't think I could be more dedicated to anyone than I am to Mr Reg. I love meeting new people. I do have other sexual partners. They are not committed to the relationship, and neither am I. I do value them, as I described before. I hope they last for as long as it works out for all people involved. They all enrich my life in their own way and I appreciate that. I enjoy every aspect of it. It makes me happy. Thinking about it makes me smile.

So........ you tell me: am I promiscuous?

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The play area of the cabin was located where the dining area used to be. It was small, but very well equipped: a sling, a spanking bench and plenty of hooks to tie me up. After exploring the cabin, I was told to undress. A couple of hours later, our friend arrived.

They threw me over the spanking bench. My hands were tied to the legs of the bench, then my feet got the same treatment. I could not move and my ass was exposed to them. They took turns beating me. Sometimes with their bare hands, sometimes with a whip or cane. It was hard to submit to it, because the two men used different rhythms and force. I tried to relax my muscles and concentrated on their voices. They were talking to each other sometimes and to me at other times; after a particularly harsh blow or something that startled me. Sometimes they would caress me, instead of beating me. The feeling of their big hands on my hot buttocks felt great. They checked every now and again to see how aroused I was by sliding a finger in my pussy. It was hard to tell whose finger it was, only if they commented I knew who was touching me.

They put me in the sling and blindfolded me. Taking the beating on my breasts and pussy proved to be very difficult. I tried to avoid the blows and became very restless. Being exposed like this made me feel extremely vulnerable. They told me to lie still and stop moaning. I tried but failed. They untied me and Mr Reg went looking for some needles. He handed them over to our friend. The thought of the needles sent a surge of panic through my body. I was standing close to him and whimpered "No, please, No". I stepped away, with my blindfold still on. He answered threateningly "What are you saying? Are you saying no to me?!?" I immediately stepped back into his reach "No Sir I am sorry". He grabbed my hair and told me to hold still while he stuck the needle in my breast. I submitted, I was no longer fighting it. I was completely relaxed and floated away.

It turns me on. Whenever I think about his reaction to my plea. Immediately, like a button being pushed. Writing about it, has the same effect ...

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Face slapping

Kink of the week: face slapping

As I wrote on my list of kinks, I like being dominated and I like pain. Face slapping mainly falls in the first category: to me it is part of being dominated. It makes me feel submissive, vulnerable and horny. This has two reasons: First of all, it is very up close and personal; especially if you compare it to be being spanked from behind on the back or the ass. When Mr Reg slaps me in my face, he is close physically and looking me in the eye. Using his hand. Second, being slapped in the face scares me. If he slaps me too hard, he leaves a mark. If he slaps me too hard, he might hurt my brain. If he slaps me while something is in my mouth (like his cock), he might hurt my jaw or teeth.  Face slapping is dangerous; as Frugal Domme puts it in this post: you can't do it safely you can do it safer.

Being slapped in the face makes me feel submissive, vulnerable and horny. Mr Reg slaps me in the face for different reasons: sometimes to grab my attention, sometimes to punish me during play. Some people find it insulting, but it never has that effect on me. It feels more like a reprimand or a claim. As soon as I feel the slap, I can feel my body relax and my mind submit to him. I like the burning feeling on my cheek, but I dislike the feeling of my brain hitting my skull or my teeth against his hand.

Being slapped in the face makes me feel submissive, vulnerable and horny. Because of the danger, it excites me. Because it is so personal, it makes me very aware of Mr Reg and the mood he is in. I am completely focused on him. Waiting for his next move. Wanting to comply or accept whatever comes next.

Kink of the Week

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The prompt for Wicked Wednesday this week was "Take a comment that was left on one of your blog posts and turn it into a new post"

One comment came to mind immediately, the one left by Molly on my post from last week. She wrote "Sounds like you have a really great group of people to learn and explore with. I think having a supportive community is such a great thing"

Before you read on I have to warn you: this is not a piece about sex, or erotica, or any of the topics that are supposed to be part of Wicked Wednesday.  It is about communities and why I think we should stop talking about them.

Fitting in

Ever since I can remember, I didn't fit in. In elementary school I did not fit in. I was not a very girly girl. I liked to hang out with boys. Then there was a group of girls that did not belong either that I spent time with. I did not really like them, and I don't think they particularly liked me. We had very little in common. The same was true with the field hockey team I was part of. They liked me in the team because I was fast. But I did not fit in with most of them. In high school the same thing applied. I did not really fit in with a specific group. In fact, a couple of years back at a reunion, one of my classmates told me "You were always different, you were part of our group and at the same time you weren't". I think he hit the nail on the head with that remark. Mind you, I had friends. And I was not unhappy or being bullied. I got invited to parties, had my first sexual encounter, threw parties and went on vacation with my friends. I was just a little different. Being part of a group was not really an issue in college: there were a lot of students. There was a group for everyone, so to speak. Or if you look at it from a distance: no distinct groups. I hung out with people I liked. People from my old high school class and some new people I met during class, at parties, at the paper or through other friends.


When we moved to the US I became part of the expat community. Not because I wanted to be part of that community, but because I was an expat and I needed people to talk to who would understand my position. After a while we also got American friends or acquaintances. I went back to school, Mr Reg worked, and we were part of both the local community and the expat community. As I wrote before, we started with BDSM a couple of years ago. We started to meet with other people that share our interest in BDSM. We created a profile on Fetlife and met some wonderful friends that we practice bondage with every other week. We sometimes go to a party or a munch. Apart from people that practice BDSM, Mr Reg and I like to meet other people. For sex, love, friendship, dinner, talk or whatever is appropriate. One could say we have become part of the BDSM community.


Since we started this journey, I have met several people who have distanced themselves from 'the BDSM community'. When they tell me that, I always wonder what that means. Are they distancing themselves from me? From my friends? From the groups that hold munches and parties? From munches and parties? From a set of specific people? From 'bad people'? People they don't agree with?

The other day I read a post by Franklin Veaux on Poly identity and the poly community. His post is a reaction to another post that was venting critique on the poly community in the UK. They are both talking about the poly community like it is something that you can identify or point to. And complain about the people in it. Franklin states that he has distanced himself from the BDSM community but still practices BDSM. He has not distanced himself from 'the poly community'. At the same time he makes a distinction between being polyamorous and being part of the poly community. It confuses me.

Online communities complicate matters even further. Distancing yourself from the online BDSM community... what does that mean? You delete an account? You don't play online? You don't talk to people online? What if you know them in real life? Or...or... well.. you get my point.


Now back to the original comment by Molly. The group of people we see every other week have become very good friends. We have met a number of wonderful people since we became 'kinky'. We have met people at parties, at our bondage night, at munches, and there are people that I have met online. Some of the people I have met online are now friends 'in real life'.  I have started this blog and twitter about our kinky life. Now does that make me part of the BDSM community? Or of the sex blogger community? Or of the poly community? And which one? The Dutch one? The online one? I guess communities are convenient because they give us a way to meet like minded people. And to make you feel like you fit in. But as my experiences in school, college and the US have taught me, there is no group of people with whom you ever have a perfect fit. There is no such thing. We are all different, even if we have something in common. And sharing one character trait or interest, does not mean we share political views, ethical values or even have to like each other. That is why we should stop talking about communities. We are wasting our energy talking about groups of people, generalizing about their beliefs and behavior (good or bad). All that counts is the people. The people that have become our friends. The people with whom we share an interest. That laugh with us when we have something joyful to share and that cry with us when sad things happen. People who have wonderful stories and bodies and minds to share themselves. With whom we laugh when something good happens to them and with whom we cry if they hit a rough spot in life. I don't care what their designated community is. I don't care if they consider themselves part of that community or not. To me they are just great people. And I am very happy they are in my life.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BDSM: What Bondage means to me

In my first post I described my kinky self. It has a lot to do with BDSM as you can also read in my list of kinks. Bondage is a big part of my relationship with Mr Reg. This is surprising, because I never fantasized much about bondage in the past. I liked the thought of being handcuffed, or tied to a chair.  But I never looked at pictures of bound women nor did I think about different types of ropes or different styles of bondage. To me it was about being constrained and controlled. Not about the bondage process.

This changed about two years ago when we joined a group of people who wanted to practice bondage on a regular basis.  We started to look at videos of the Two Knotty Boys and Twisted Monk. After a while we got some new people in the group with more experience. We started to practice patterns that can be used in suspension, talked about the risks, anatomy of the human body and names of knots (Munter hitch, x-knot and other jargon I can't remember). We see each other every other week and talk about our relationship, about BDSM, about life, work and of course: rope ;)

Bondage now has become very important to the both of us. It's a moment where we literally bond. Mr Reg is focused on the knots and my body, and I can feel his energy and his satisfaction when something works out the way he envisioned it. He likes talking to the other people about the technical aspects of bondage, the type of rope, the knots, the aesthetic of doing something in a certain way. I focus on him, feel his hands on my body, feel the constraints of the ropes. It feels very comforting to be tied up and at his mercy. It makes me proud to see how skilled he is. I love being in this safe environment of friends who respect and trust each other.

Suspension is a different feeling: I am afraid to be in off the ground. It is the ultimate submission to him: I am at his mercy and my physical well being is completely depending on his skill.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

My favorite toy - 30 days of kink

Day 7. What's your favorite toy?

There are a lot of great toys.  Mr Reg bought most of them for different purposes: to cause pain, sexual pleasure or to restrain me. Some toys I take with me when I go on a date, others are only used by Mr Reg. I am going to cheat today and describe two favorite toys: the dildo for sexual pleasure and the pin wheel for pain and arousal.


Mr Reg told me to buy a dildo when I was on a business trip to the US. The assignment was to get the largest one they had in the shop.  During that trip, he made me use it a couple of times while we were chatting.  It is a great feeling and one of the few toys that can actually make me come. It is easy too: no batteries needed and it makes no noise (except my moaning). It does have some downsides however:
  • It is rather big. If I want or have to take it somewhere, it takes up a lot of space. 
  • It is made of material that gets stained easily. I am not very good at keeping stuff neat. My laptop, ebook and all other things have sleeves, because I ruin them. The dildo has an ugly stain, probably from touching another toy that was kept in the same box.
  • It looks ridiculous. I can't help it. I love cocks. But dildos look ridiculous and unsexy in my opinion. There is supposed to be a man attached to a cock. It looks silly when it 'just ends'.  Paradoxically, using it while somebody is watching is embarrassing and exciting at the same time because of the way it looks.

Pin wheel

The pin wheel is an example of a toy that I like because it makes me feel very close and connected to Mr Reg. It is not a sexual toy in that it makes me climax. It is not something I use on myself either. It is hot because Mr Reg uses it on me. He can use it in very different ways, to caress or to hurt me. To scare me or to calm me. He can apply pressure and make it hurt, or track it over my body softly, making me feel calm and relaxed. My favorite treatment: he traces my body with it, drawing closer and closer to my pussy,  where it really hurts. It scares the hell out of me, and at the same time I love the stinging feeling of the pins on my skins. Leaving a glow long after the pin wheel has touched it. Moving closer and closer to very sensitive skin. Applying pressure and releasing it again. Caressing me with his hand and then using the pin wheel again. Like the dildo, the pin wheel is very practical: it is silent, it does not need batteries and last but not least it is so small I can be taken in a purse or (very) small bag.

I guess I am a low tech girl when it comes to toys ;)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sexual fantasy - 30 days of kink

Day 6. Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy

I am not going to share any fantasy that is weird, obviously. I don't want anybody to think I am weird ;) On a more serious note, weird or interesting is in the eye of the beholder. You can decide whether it is weird or interesting. Or boring. Or cliche.

To me it is hot.


I am locked in a cage. The cage is in the corner of the room. I am naked and chained by my neck. In the room are three people, two men and a woman. They ignore me. If I make too much noise or annoy them in any other way they pull at the chain or hit against the cage. I have no idea how long I have been inside the cage. I can stand up and sit or lie down in it. The temperature is nice, I am comfortable being naked.

After some time, the woman walks up to the cage and orders me to stand up. I comply as quickly as I can because I know she has little patience. I am afraid of her, she likes to hurt me whenever I give her a reason. Or without any provocation from my side. She opens the cage and takes me to the shower. She turns on the tap and orders me to clean myself. The water is rather cold and I start washing. She watches me while I shave and wash my body head to toe. She tells me to caress my breasts, while looking her in the eyes. To touch my clit. It is very difficult to hold her gaze. I look away and she turns of the shower immediately and grabs me by my hair. Mocking me for not being able to hold her gaze. She takes me to a room with a bed and tells me to lie on my back with my legs open wide. I am shivering uncontrollably and ask her permission to dry myself. It is denied. She inspects my pussy to see if I have shaved properly. She finds some hairs and gets a razor. She shaves the hairs, threatening to hurt me with it if I don't start paying attention when I shave. The razor gets really close to my clit, I feel her hands and the cold touch of the razor on my mound. She puts away the razor and pushes three fingers in my pussy. Hard and deep. I moan. She tells me not to make a sound and gets a little whip. Made from rubber strings. She starts hitting me with it on my pussy. I struggle to keep quiet and not to move. The pain is too much and I try to avoid the whip. "Every time you move you get one more", she tells me calmly. "Start counting". Every time I say a number, she hits me hard on my pussy with the rubber. I am crying, trying to focus on the counting. Not moving an inch. When I reach 9 she tells me "one more" and lashes out. She tells me to turn around and she puts a butt plug in my ass. I am told to get up and she takes me to the other room where the two men are sitting in a chair.

I am told to pour all three of them a drink and to wait in the corner for instructions. One of the men notices that I am still wet and tells me to get a towel and dry myself in front of them. I get a towel and start rubbing myself. I start at the top, drying my hair and neck. Moving down to my breasts and tummy. They tell me to massage my breasts and one of them walks up to me and takes the towel. He moves the towel down to my pussy and rubs it. I flinch and try to stand up straight. I am not allowed to look him at him, so I look at the floor. One time I look up and he slaps me in my face. He has big warm hands that touch me all over my body. Hurting me and caressing me at the same time. I am completely focused on his body. He pushes me down to my knees and starts to fuck me in my mouth hard. I can hardly breath. I focus on relaxing my body and try not to choke. Once he pauses the other man joins in. He takes out the butt plug and starts fucking me in my ass. After they are both satisfied, they throw me a blanket and tell me to go back to my cage again. I walk back to it. The woman takes my leash and tells me to lie down and masturbate. She watches while I rub my clit. She tells me to cum and I obey. She laughs and locks the cage. I am left shivering, on the floor. I take the blanket and fall asleep.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thirty days of kink - day 5

Day 5. What was your first kinky sexual experience?

I honestly don't know... I do know that my first kinky sexual experience was with my boyfriend in college. We were in a very intense relationship for about two years. He was not my first boyfriend. But it was the first time I really liked sex. I couldn't get enough.

Biting, tying my wrists to the bed, hitting me with his belt, threatening to cut me with a knife (mindfuck?), telling me to bend over and fuck me. Opening his zipper and telling me to suck his cock. Taking me to a bar (in a short skirt) to hit on other men. Telling me to undress and wait in the bed on my back with my legs open wide until he would come in and fuck me, fully dressed himself. Fucking me with a candle. Not being allowed to touch him sexually, unless he told me so. Telling me to shave my pussy, to wear sexy cloths. Denying me sex. Fucking me three, four times a day whenever he felt like it.

The first experience with him was either the biting or the belt. When we met the first time both of us were drunk. In fact, we were drunk most of the time when we had kinky sex. It was definitely not safe what we were doing. He was unhappy and insecure, I was unhappy and insecure. We did like each other a lot. I had never felt so close to anybody. Because of the sex and the way he was using me. Because we both felt different from other people. Because we understood each other. At the same time our relationship was very unhealthy. It became more violent and destructive over time. He cheated on me, I cheated on him. And told him all about it. He hit me in a bar once and he almost got beaten by some bystanders who were very angry with him for hitting me. I humiliated myself by calling him when he was with another girl. Or I would look for him in bars and if I found him confront him. And then leave with somebody I did not know. Just to get back at him. I missed days at my job. Lost my purse being drunk. Lost my contact lenses in the beds of strangers. We acted out in public. We were out of control. He would leave and the moment I decided I had enough, he would be back. And I caved and we would continue where we left of.

After some time I found the strength to end it. Really end it. Thinking back is a bit difficult. A lot of what happened and that I am writing here I had put away forever. I forgot about it. The same with kinky sex. In my mind kinky sex was tied to a very unhealthy relationship. So when I ended the relationship with my boyfriend, I buried my kinky self with it. For over 12 years as I wrote in my first post. Five years ago I exhumed it. This time in a healthy relationship. Where I am safe both physically and psychologically. Where we communicate. Where there is no alcohol to escalate things. And the kinky sex is even better than the first time. Something I did not believe was possible exists after all: a safe and exciting kinky relationship. I hope he found the same. Because he will always be very special to me despite or maybe because of all the misery we went through.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


In a previous post I wrote how me having sex with other people enriches my life and our relationship. Being at the other side of the equation, however, has proven quite difficult for me. I felt hurt, confused and very disappointed in myself.

Including other people

Until recently, including other people in our relationship meant that a man (or a woman) and Mr Reg would play or have sex with me. In some cases Mr Reg was present, in other cases I would be alone and share my experience with him afterwards.


Moving the scale

In looking for other people to play with, we met a couple online that was looking for other couples or a single female slave. One of the questions the Dominant asked me, was how I would feel if my Master would fuck his slave. I answered him that I had never experienced that but that the thought scared the hell out of me. We never made it past the emailing stage with this couple, but it got me thinking. A lot. A seed was planted. How would I feel if Mr Reg would fuck someone else? He lets me do that. He wants me to do that. He tells me to do that. Maybe I would like it as much as he likes watching me with somebody else? Why did it scare me? Was I afraid the other woman would be better than me? A nicer person? More beautiful? More skilled in bed? Easier to get along with? Younger than me? I am in a more vulnerable position than he is because of our power dynamic: Mr Reg can say at anytime that he wants me to stop doing something and I will. Whereas all I can do is tell him that it doesn't feel right and then I have to wait and see how he reacts to that. He has the power to ignore that. And I would accept that. Of course we talked a lot about this. And he isn't in the habit of ignoring my feelings at all. He takes my feelings very seriously. I told Mr Reg that apart from feeling scared or threatened I was also intrigued and curious.


Watching him play

After a while we met another couple. This time we did move matters further. When the four of us met for play, Mr Reg tied up both me and the other submissive and used his whip and other implements on her. He touched her sexually. I am not a sadist and do not enjoy to see or hear others in pain, but seeing pain being inflicted by Mr Reg is different. I really enjoyed watching him in action and liked talking with her afterwards about him and what he does and why. To see him through her eyes, see her admiration and notice the things I have gotten used to. And I love seeing the expression on my husbands face when he is enjoying himself. I was very proud to be his slave. 


Watching him come

The next time we met with them the nature of the play changed. Not only did Mr Reg make her come (and her Dom made me come), they both used her to come themselves. They fucked her together and made her suck their cock. They did not use me for that. I felt rejected. Not ignored, mind you. I had received plenty of attention during the evening. But I felt useless. I felt hurt. I felt like something was stolen from me. And I was really disappointed with myself. How could I feel like that after all the attention I had all the other times with other people? I felt selfish. They are very nice and they really wanted to experience something like this. I felt childish. Thinking about it made me feel insecure. I thought I was over all this. Why did all these feelings of insecurity come back, just because of a sexual act? Because of an evening that was really nice, an evening with a great couple that I really like? At the same time, I enjoyed the experience. Mr Reg enjoying another woman makes him very desirable to me. It made me want him very very badly. And being rejected puts me at my place. Which is something I really need. If I am not put at my place every once and a while, I become arrogant and complacent. Being rejected also makes me vulnerable and completely at his mercy.  Which is the best feeling in the world, strange as that may sound.


Something dawned on me

The weeks following our date I talked to several friends about this. Some reacted to my hurt part and were sympathetic and considerate. Others laughed at me for being selfish or childish. I think their reaction was a good reflection of my own feelings, but it did not really help me in understanding my overly strong reaction. And I am still not sure why I felt so hurt. Although over the last couple of days I have come to realize two things: I am really into pleasing people. Sexually pleasing controlling or dominant people. Being pleased myself usually comes second and mainly as something I like because the other person wants me to be pleased. Hence my strong reaction to them using only her, and not me. The other realization is much scarier, it scares me to death: Mr Reg could meet someone he likes better. Or he could grow tired of me. And then leave. Of course, this was always true. Regardless of what we did that evening. That is not the scary part. The scary part is that I got a tiny, little preview of how I would feel if that would ever happen. I would be devastated. And completely lost.


I don't know what happens next. I would like to explore these feelings further. I don't want us to stop playing with other couples. Besides, I want to do whatever Mr Reg wants to do. I don't want him to change his ways on my account. I want to grow and not be insecure. I want to be happy for him because he can have new experiences, just like he lets me have them. I want to know what he likes in others to learn more about him. But most of all I want to be with him for as long as I can. And enjoy each other and the world around us. Including other people. Both of us (...I think).

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thirty days of kink - day 4

Day 4: Any early experiences that, in retrospect, hint at your kinks?

This is a difficult question for me. Not because I don't have any early experiences that hint at my kinks. There are plenty. But because I am not sure what the point of sharing them is supposed to be. Which makes it difficult to pick any. Let me give it a try anyway.


 An early experience

There is one vivid memory that comes to mind when people ask me about this. I must have been around 8 or 9. We lived in an area with a lot of young families where the children played outside in the neighborhood all the time. The group we hung out with varied in age from 3-12 years. We played soccer, hide and seek, built stuff from wood and old bikes, created bows and arrows to play 'cowboys and Indians' etc. The older boys were usually 'in charge' and decided what we would do. That day we played a game where we made plastic tubes with paper arrows. The arrows could be shot at someone or something by blowing in the tube. We were split in two groups and the older boys had captured us. We were told to stand against the wall. They would shoot an arrow at one of us and that would set that person free. In hindsight this games sounds not that innocent and rather malicious. At the time we did not like it too much either. It was bordering on bullying obviously. But that's beside the point. What I remember is the excitement I felt. Not sexual excitement but the thrill of the uncertainty of what would happen, the power of the older boys, the situation. I felt vulnerable, subdued and excited at the same time. Of course nothing bad happened, they shot some paper arrows and let us go and everybody forgot about it. Except me... and maybe some of them?



To me this memory hints at some of my current kinks: being controlled, pain and being restrained.  The relevance of this particular experience is small in my opinion. Except to illustrate the fact that it started early as part of me, not as a result of a trauma. My kinky side is a natural variation of main-stream sexuality and something that is engrained in my personality. Obviously other people do experience some type of trauma that causes them to develop kinks or other coping mechanisms. But honestly, I am not that interested in why somebody is kinky. I am interested in what way somebody experiences it and if and how people integrate it in their daily routine. But now this question is out of the way and I can move on to more relevant topics :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thirty days of kink - day 3

Day 3: how did you discover you were kinky?

Discovering my kinky self feels like a journey, like discovering a continent and exploring its beautiful and harsh parts over a period of decades. As I wrote in day 1, I am always in the process of defining my kinky self. So far it has been an interesting adventure.

I am different

When I was a about 10 or 11 years old I loved a science fiction book in which the aliens forced the humans to work for them and in which they would beat them with an implement that felt like a sharp whip if they did work hard enough. I loved movies in which people were punished physically and women were captured by fierce men. I did not try to label these feelings, but I never told anybody about my preferences either. Somehow I felt I was different.

Other people are different too

Once I hit puberty I started to read about SM, the common term in those days. It excited me and it made me realize that more people were like me. I remember one thing very clearly from those days: I was 13 and we were in a sexual education class in school. The girls and boys were separated and we discussed sexuality, homosexuality and other practices. Homosexuality was accepted by most of my peers. I stated that I expected SM to be viewed in the same way in a couple of decades (this was 30 years ago). They all looked at me in horror and disbelieve and vehemently disagreed with me. In hindsight, I guess they were right. But then again, maybe the success of Fifty shades of Grey is starting to prove otherwise ;) However, this was the time where I discovered that other people were different too, just like me...

It is part of me

I practiced BDSM with my boyfriend when I was in college. I never responded to any attempt from his side to talk about it, we just did it. I enjoyed it very much, but I was busier thinking about whether I was bisexual or not than interested in a label for my submissive side. He liked to use me and to do things I now label as 'sadistic' or 'dominant'. It felt very natural to me and it resulted in very hot sex. It was a part of me.
After we split up, I met Mr Reg. As I have said before, in the beginning of our marriage we were a vanilla couple without so much as a hint of kink. This changed five years ago. Mr Reg started it. Again I did not discuss it. It felt natural and I was very happy it was back in my life. It had become part of me again, and even part of us.

We are part of kink

Two and a half years ago Mr Reg took me to meet another dominant. It was a first of many things: subspace, being in a dungeon, being hit by another man in front of Mr Reg. After this experience we started to discuss our relationship and we started to meet like minded people. It was the first time I started talking about it, about my feelings, my fantasies, dream, fears, sex. I felt and still feel liberated. Like somebody finally opened the door and let me go outside in the sunlight. After being cooped inside for way too long. Starting in the garden, being overwhelmed. Moving outside, to the street and beyond. Now I am out and about in the world of kink, discovering both the people in it and myself at the same time. Feeling very much part of it.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Looking for something?

The other day a friend asked me how many people I've had sex with in my life. I could not reproduce the number off the top of my head and started to count. I told him that in the last five years I've had sex with 2 women and 10 men (5 in a gang bang) and in my entire life with 3 women and 20 men. I am not counting kissing or fumbling. We talked about how many women he has 'on his list' and discussed whether having a lot of experience is a good thing,  a source of frustration or depression, or a sign of insecurity. It was a brief conversation on whatsapp, but it got me thinking. I remembered two more men. I decided to make an actual list to make sure I can recall every single person I've had sex with. The official statistic right now: 26 men (5 of them in a gang bang) and 3 women. At a dinner conversation a couple of days later the list came up again. The girl confessed her list was much longer than mine but that she was now in a monogamous relationship with her Dom/lover. The conversation we had at that dinner about polyamory and open relationships inspired me to this blog post.

Being a slut

You might wonder why I made the distinction between my entire life and the past five years. The answer is simple: I slept with a lot of men (and a woman) before I was married, looking for something or someone. Feeling acknowledged and worth while if someone had sex with me. Trying to remedy insecurities about my looks, avoiding being alone, being angry with my boyfriend or just being plain drunk. Most of the sex was disappointing, not because of my partners but because of my own motives. Some stand out in a positive way, of course, but in general my sex life sucked because I did not like nor understand myself.

Being married

After Mr Reg and me got married we were monogamous for a long time (12 years) and we did not practice BDSM or any other kinks. We were the average couple. Five years ago this all changed. We moved from a vanilla relationship to a D/s and then, two years ago, to a M/s relationship.

Including other people

Mr Reg likes me to have sex with other men (and women). And I am supposed to enjoy it. At first I was apprehensive. It reminded me of the past and my previous self. And I was not looking for anything anymore. I am happy with our relationship, so why go through all the trouble.  I liked having sex with other people if he was there, but mainly because it was a form of pleasing him. After a while I started to allow myself to enjoy it, enjoy the newness, the feeling of different hands on my body. A different body to get close to, different reactions to my touch and things I say or do. Allowing myself to enjoy the physical experience and the excitement of a new person with a different view on life. Now I am at a stage where I relish meeting new people both because of their body and their personality. They enrich my life, spice it up and make me feel appreciated. But every encounter also makes me appreciate Mr Reg more. Both because he lets me have this rich life and because it makes me realize he is the person I want to be with and whom I love.


Are we swingers? No not really. We look for more than just casual sex with random other couples. Polyamorous? I don't know, maybe. So far the friendships have not evolved to love. In an open relationship? No not really, I am owned. But then again I can look for my own friends or partners, as long as I run it by Mr Reg. So I don't know what our relationship should be called. I do know that I am no longer looking for something but I that I have found a lot. More than I could ever have imagined. And I like it. To put it mildly ;)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thirty days of kink - day 2

Day 2: List your kinks

This made me think. What is a kink? I am writing about 30 days of kink to get my blog started. The other day, I defined my kinky self. That is not hard, the definition is up to me. But listing my kinks is different. Is a kink the same as a fetish? Or a hobby? Or something I like that 'society' or vanilla people think is weird?

What is kink

I don't like reinventing the wheel, so let's see what  Wikipedia has to say: In human sexuality, kink describes a range of practices: spanking, tickling, bondage, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, cuckoldry and sexual fetishism. Kinky practices go beyond what are considered conventional sexual practices as a means of heightening the intimacy between sexual partners. Some draw a distinction between kink and fetishism, defining the former as enhancing partner intimacy, and the latter as replacing it.While others define "kink" as lesser (possibly socially acceptable) form of fetishism. Because of its relation to "normal" sexual boundaries, which themselves vary by time and place, the definition of what is and is not kink varies widely as well. Practitioners are sometimes considered to be perverts by "outsiders".

So according to that it is a practice, something that you do. And it is sexual. To me, it is broader, I have included watching or listening to things that make me feel excited or happy or content that are considered out of the ordinary by most people. So going to the sauna or having sex with women is out (mainstream and accepted here), being in a vacuum bed or watching somebody in a full body latex suit is in. To me, sex is part of the kink, not the other way around. I have not listed things I would like to try, just things I have experienced.

My list

  1. Being controlled. Not having to think. Listening closely to the instruction and following it to the letter. Suffering consequences for doing it wrong. Being in the moment, nothing else. Forgetting myself.
  2. Being dominated. It is similar to being controlled, but has a very different effect on me. I like people that are self assured, confident and convinced they know how something is supposed to work. Being dominated makes me think about the dominant and myself. It makes me want to do something the 'correct' way. I like to please and to do things I don't want or like to do myself, just for him or her, things that throw me off balance, feeling forced to do or say something. Being pushed beyond my boundaries. I am not forgetting myself, but I am painfully aware of myself, and focused on the other person. 
  3. Being used sexually by more than one man. A gang-bang, or a threesome makes me feel completely satisfied. Whether I cum or not. It makes me forget myself.
  4. Pain. I love receiving pain, especially stinging pain from canes, whips, dragon tails, spanking, etc. Both as a reward and as punishment. Like dominance, it makes me acutely aware of the person inflicting it on me and of myself. The interaction can be very intimate.
  5. Orgasm control. Having to ask for an orgasm. Being forbidden to cum during sex. Anything to do with it. Mr Reg took a away the rule for a month, making it OK for me to orgasm whenever I wanted. It was a horrible month, orgasm-wise. Having the rule excites me, it makes me aware of myself and focused on the person who is controlling my orgasm.
  6. Being constrained by rope, locked up in a cage or being told to stay in a certain position. Being ignored. Again it makes me forget myself, I just am, living in the moment.
  7. Latex suits, vacuum beds, and other implements that show a human form, without any of the details. I have been in a vacuum bed twice, and really liked the combination of the fabric (latex) and being constrained. I am not so much into wearing latex, but I love looking at it, and touching people that wear it. See for example the site of eurocats suits, and this you tube movie.
  8. Hoods and masks. Maybe for the same reason as latex suits and vacuum beds. I love both wearing them and watching other people wear them. I love the smell and the feel.
  9. Watch Mr Reg please or hurt somebody else. I love the way the subject of his attention looks at him in admiration, mixed with fear and trust. This is a recent addition, we haven't practiced it a lot (yet). It makes him wildly attractive to me.
That concludes day 2, list your kinks, somewhat in order of importance. It would be interesting to see what the list looks like in one or two years. I don't think my personality or my inclinations will change very much. But specific kinks might wear off, and new ones might emerge. I will revisit the list next year, to see what has changed :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thirty days of kink - day 1

Day 1: Dom, sub, switch? What parts of BDSM interest you? Give us an interesting in-depth definition of what that means to you. Basically define your kinky self for us.

The first part of this question is really easy for me: I am submissive. I have had these feelings for as long as I can remember, even as a child. They have only become stronger over the years. However, it took me a long time to acknowledge and accept them.

My kinky self

Answering the second part, the meaning of BDSM and kink is more complicated. I am always in the process of defining my kinky self. Evolving, growing, tumbling down, and getting back up again. A big part of it is submitting to someone who can control me.  It has always been a thrill, and still is,  to meet dominant people. I very much enjoy different styles of dominance: sexual or non-sexual, control by commanding or control by manipulation, verbal or non-verbal. My kinky/submissive part is as much part of me as any other part. I can't switch it off and on at will. I just am who I am, body and mind.

Another part of my kinky self is my masochistic side. I love being spanked, whipped, caned, or slapped. I like to be helpless and bound, not knowing what the other person is going to do next. The pleasure of pain in combination with submission is pure bliss. I also crave pain as a punishment or a means to calm me down. I have a tendency to lose focus and paradoxically to obsess about things people say or do and have a somewhat addictive personality (both biological and psychological). Pain and submission calm me down and put me in a state of acceptance and relaxation.

Our kinky relationship

MrReg and me have been married for 17 years. The first 12 years we had a monogamous vanilla relationship. This changed five years ago and BDSM became part of it, mainly in the bed room. About two years ago, we changed our dynamic from a D/s to a M/s relationship. It doesn't mean I am a service slave. To us it means that MrReg controls me completely, without limits. I have been with MrReg for such a long time, that I trust his judgement completely.  Which doesn't mean I always agree with him. It just means it doesn't matter if I agree with him and that I am comfortable with that. It also doesn't mean he doesn't value my opinion. It just means he determines how important my opinion is and I am happy with that too. Apart from changing the 'rules' of the power exchange, the rules of our sexual relationship have been changed too, we are no longer monogamous. I am owned, but I am allowed, or better yet, supposed to have sex with other people. Both with MrReg and by myself. It enriches our lives. It complicates our lives. It makes life fun and makes me realize over and over again how much I am in love with and dedicated to MrReg. Hence the title of this blog.

Apart from being a fun-loving, proud slave and a masochist, I am independent, headstrong, smart and impatient. Combining these two sides has been and continues to be a challenge for me. I like my fun-loving submissive side better, and I hope one day I will find the perfect balance............ A girl can dream right ;)